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Palm Kernel Shell Carbonization Machine

Palm kernel shell carbonization machine is designed to convert palm kernel shell waste materials into charcoal, combustible gas,wood tar and vinegar through advanced biomass carbonization technology. Due to increasing development of technology the useful value of palm shell has increased. This because it has a high fuel value which can be carbonized into useful charcoal and reduce the biomass waste materials in our environment.

Palm Kernel Shell Carbonization Machine

Palm Kernel Shell Carbonization Machine

Features of palm kernel shell carbonization machine

1. Environmental friendly. Palm kernel shell carbonization machine is equipped with environmental friendly equipments which are configured with sealing system to ensure environmental cleanliness and production safety. This makes the machine achieve the environmental protecting and emission standard.

2. Energy saving. Palm kernel shell carbonization machine uses one fire with two steps technology, thus saving more energy. With this method you reduce the consumption of fuel that is used in the process thus saving more energy.

3. Easy to operate. Palm kernel shell carbonization machine is equipped with a fully automated operating system. The operator will therefore get to spend less time in operating the machine.

4. Safety and security. Palm kernel shell carbonization machine is covered with a protective casing shell which prevent the body from contacting with the high temperature directly. Also the power supply section has a standardized control system to ensure safety.

5. Improved working efficiency. Due to introduction of the international top technology of palm kernel shell carbonization machine, there is a fully continuous working pattern that reduces labour strength and the operating time.

6. Multiple purpose. Palm kernel shell carbonization machine not only process palm kernel shells, but also can process sewage sludge,municipal sludge and biomass waste materials.

7. Low investment cost. Palm kernel shell carbonization machine produce combustible gas during the carbonization process which is recycled to heat in the carbonization system and dry the raw materials thus fuel to be used is saved.

8. Good quality palm shell charcoal. The charcoal produced is of high quality because the palm kernel shell charcoal production equipment is equipped with advanced technology equipments which are designed for great performance.

9. Sales services

Perfect sales services provide a stable warranty. Palm kernel shell carbonization machine customers can be provided with pre -sales and after sales services.

  • Pre- sale services such as carbonizer design, designing and manufacturing of equipment according to customers requirements,equipment production.
  • After sales services include; professional team for consultation, products updates for both old and new customers and quick wear supply.
charcoal production equipment

Charcoal production equipment

Raw materials used in the palm kernel shell carbonization process include: Biomass waste such as palm shells,olive shells,bamboo,coconut shells, sawdust. Also sludge such as municipal, civil and industrial sludge.

Description of technology applied to palm kernel shell carbonization machine

The working process of the machine involves various steps:At first, the palm shell is crushed into small pieces of the size of 50mm. It is then dried with moisture above 20% to ensure high quality of finished products.Secondly, the crushed palm kernel shell is conveyed to the carbonizing system and dried out again for the second round.Then, in the carbonization system, the carbonization process starts, with high temperature and combustible gas being produced. The gas generated is recycled to heat the furnace.Lastly, the palm shell charcoal is purified and condensed. The final product of palm kernel shell which is palm shell charcoal is then discharged as the cooling process continues.

Uses of palm shell charcoal

  1. It is used as fuel in households.
  2. It is applied in agricultural practices like in green houses.
  3. It is used as fertilizer to improve the quality of soil.
  4. It is used as material to make bricks
  5. Used in water purification, air cleaning and industrial decolorization.

Palm kernel shell carbonization machine convert waste materials into wealth and thus creating profits. Investing in palm kernel shell carbonization machine business is beneficial to both the country and people since it solve the waste palm shell problem and bring earnings. Also it allows people to make great use of crop wastes and obtain useful materials through a cost effective process. Due to the market potentiality and economic practicality the Kingtiger Group palm kernel shell carbonization machine business is an ideal business to invest. However every business has its advantages and disadvantages, as a customer you need to do a thorough research carefully and keenly and get knowledge and skills required before buying the machine and starting up the business.

The Many Benefits Of Operating A Standard Biomass Pyrolysis Plant

Businesses that own a pyrolysis plant can reap many benefits. They also provide a great benefit for the world. The constant inundation of plastic, rubber, and other essentially unusable products that go into landfills can be processed now because of the sheer volume of pyrolysis plants being produced. There is another type of material that is also produced regularly that is often allowed to simply decompose. Other companies will burn this material, not realizing how valuable it is because they have likely never considered owning and using a pyrolysis plant. Biomass is produced when lumber companies process trees, and farmers harvest their crops. All of this can be used to create charcoal, oil, and fuel that can be easily used by companies that will be willing to purchase it from you. If you would like to know more about owning and using a biomass pyrolysis plant, here is a brief overview of how they operate.

Biomass Pyrolysis Plant For Sale

Biomass Pyrolysis Plant For Sale

How Do These Pyrolysis Plants Work?

A pyrolysis plant is either going to be very large or standard in size. They are designed to handle thousands of tons of material all of which will be converted into usable fuels. The byproducts of this process will include charcoal which has a global marketplace. You also have the ability to sell the other byproducts of bio oil and biofuel. These can be used by businesses for heavy machinery, or the cosmetic industry can use the bio oil for products that they manufacture. These are just a few of the ideas behind investing in a pyrolysis plant that can help you generate more monthly revenue. They work by chipping up biomass into smaller components, or in the case of sawdust, it is simply put into the pyrolysis reactor. Once it is superheated, in the complete absence of oxygen that would otherwise lead to combustion, the materials are heated to create the byproducts. Click here to know more:

Where To Locate Businesses That Sell These Pyrolysis Plants

The businesses that sell these pyrolysis plants are numerous. In fact, over the last decade, more of them have been starting up in countries worldwide. This need to recycle materials is very strong, but you do have to have a way of doing so efficiently. That is where the pyrolysis process comes in. You can choose from machines that can do this, or entire plants that can handle thousands of tons of this material. If you are directly connected to businesses that produce biomass, or if you own one, this would be an excellent way to save money on the disposal of biomass and also produce viable products that you can offer.

Beston Biochar Pyrolysis Plant

Beston Biochar Pyrolysis Plant

There are so many possibilities for people that invest in a biochar production equipment for sale. If they are able to convert biomass into these products that you can sell, you will have a very consistent and strong business. Biomass pyrolysis machines can be found on industrial websites that sell them, or you can look in the advertisements online to see who is currently offering some of the best ones. It will be very easy for you to get started in this emerging industry of converting biomass into marketable products by simply getting a standard biomass pyrolysis plant of your very own.

The Benefits Of The Rice Husk Charcoal Machine

Rice husk charcoal making is a useful equipment for recycling. Instead of throwing waste away in the landfills, you can take it and turn it into something you can sell. The rice husk charcoal machine turns waste into charcoal. The charcoal can be used in a variety of ways and the charcoal is high-quality. If you recycle rice husk waste you need to invest in one of these machines since they can help you make more money. The charcoal is easy to sell and you can also use the charcoal in your business for heating or for running rice husk charcoal making machine for sale.

Rice Husk Charcoal Making Machine

Beston Rice Husk Charcoal Machine for Sale

The machine is powerful and it is good for the environment. It doesn’t produce a lot of emissions and it is very safe to run. The machine is going to help you make as much charcoal as you need. The price is going to depend on the size of the machine. You need to ensure that the machine you purchase is large enough for your needs. You will need to figure out how much charcoal you need to make before you start looking for the machines.

Charcoal Making Machine

Charcoal Making Machine Installed in Turkey

Make sure that you research the machines so you know how they work and what you are looking for. The machines are going to come in a variety of sizes and the more you know about the machines it is going to be easier to purchase the right machine. You have to look for the machine that works for your business and the more you read about these machines the easier it is going to be to buy the right machine.

When you take the time to research the machines you need you can find better machines and you can also find better prices. Using the best equipment is important when you want to make more money and you want to be more efficient. Staying on top of all of the latest equipment is going to be a good move and it can help your business make more money. Recycling is big and when you turn waste into something useful you are helping the environment and taking the trash out of the landfills. The rice husk charcoal machine also has a very low operating cost which is going to save you money.

The machine is a very investment in your business and you can make a lot of money with this machine. You can sell the charcoal for a good price and you can also use it yourself and bring down your utility costs. You want to try to save as much money as possible and you want to keep your operating costs as low as possible. The machine is good for the environment and it runs clean so you don’t have to worry about contributing to pollution. There is a available resource to get this machine: WWW.CarbonationMachine.NET. The machine is easy to operate and it is also has a lot of safety features so you won’t have to worry about the machine causing any harm. The machine is very inexpensive to operate and it can help your business make more money and help the environment.